Mid-week again! Happy Wednesday!

Enjoying sunshine! And time with friends, and seeing adopted mothers after a month of absence, and cleaning/arranging my large windowsill (which is such a mystery to me), and finally being brave enough to put some flowers outside, and taking a walk with my bestie tonight! No English teacher, that is definitely not a run-on sentence. ;]

A little bit of everything! Escorts have picked up again, so I had 2 last week and 1 this week. I also have been quite occupied with hair clients, which I love! A good mix of cuts, colors (even ombre!), and some prom and wedding hair. Mixing it up keeps it fun!

Friday & Saturday! Friday I am going with Sarah on an adventure to Syracuse...how can that not be fun?? And Saturday Joleen got together a little soiree (so I looked up this word and it's not exaaaactly fitting there, but lets go with it kay?), and I think that will be super fun too!

Paint our bedroom. I've been putting it off, first cause I couldn't decide on a color, then because I was pregnant, and nooow I just need to do it before it gets suuuuper nice out and I don't wanna spend that much time indoors! I saw a color I loved in Sherman Williams, but I've been using Benjamin Moore, so I guess I need to get my hands on a sample card in SW and see if BM can duplicate. That's how it works, right?

Also, we keep debating having a garden and I honestly doubt it will happen this year, but I noticed a little previously dug-around-in spot behind our little red shed...and I feel like I should plant a few things just for funsies! Better get an expert over here first to make sure it gets the proper amount of sunshine etc to survive.

Again, last night's daily devotional from this book really jumped out at me.

 "Dear friend, God may send you some valuable gifts wrapped in unattractive paper.  But do not worry about the wrappings, for you can be sure that inside He has hidden treasures of love, kindness, and wisdom. If we will simply take what He sends and trust Him for the blessings inside, we will learn the meaning of the secrets of His providence, even in times of darkness."

It also states that diamonds are found in the rough, and their true value cannot be seen.  I just feel like that is how we should try to view trying situations - as "diamond minors" trying to find the true value of the life experience, instead of focus on the ugly outter shell, meaning the worst of what is happening.

"Are your circumstances pressing in on you? Do not push away, for they are the Potter's hands  And you will learn to master them not by stopping their progress but by enduring their discipline.  Your circumstances are not only shaping you into a vessel of beauty and honor but also providing you with resources of great value."

Amen. I feel like I have grown so much just in the last 9 months or so, in ways I'm not even sure I could put words to. But I just feel it inside, how things have changed. I so hope to use what has happened as a resource of great value. I was talking to someone today who has previously experienced a good deal of what I am going through, and in talking to her I realized something. I don't think given the chance I would change what has happened. I trust and believe that there are children in our future, and of course it would be easiest knowing FOR SURE if there was, but then we wouldn't have to have faith. But anyways, this experience has done things to my faith and way of viewing life that maybe no other life experience could have. And while I grieve for never knowing my precious babies, I am thankful for the faith-building & soul-softening. 

That May is going to fly by me without so as a hello, or at least the weekends anyways! I'm trying to take each day as it comes and savor the time spent, but it's hard not to look ahead. I am planning to have a yard sale at the end of May, and at this point I'm definitely not ready in the pricing and even having all the stuff in the same location category. So hopefully I can get that done in time!

I'm in a rut. Don't ask that.

I'm proud of myself...I did this two weeks in a row.  Am I habit-forming? I hope so! :]

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  1. Soiree...SUCH a good word! I will add this to my word list. ;)