The title of this blog has been the story of my life for the past week. guess thats why i sorta let this blog thing slide...didn't wanna get the keyboard slimey with snot :D. i dont really have much to catch up on since it was alot of laying down sooo i'll start with today! katrina and i went to the salvation army in bath, thats always an adventure! we both found some good deals, and i had alittle photo shoot with myself! i found a vintage jean jacket (which ididn't buy, it was alittle stained and didn't fit too well but it was worth the picture) , its funny cause that style is coming back but this was def the reaaal thing! here i am...

I did buy the shirt underneath it tho.... :) this evening i think a group of us are going to walmart to buy some fun little gifts for our friend michael who is away at bible school, alot of mennonites go there, its usually about 6-8 weeks, sort of  like college but it doesn't really technically count for anything. so we want to send him a fun box. i'm still carrying around my tissue box, chap stick, and vicks vapor rub, and sporting a red nose buut i am tired of missing out on the funn!! 

so i'll end this with a couple pictures of my love :] hopefully you guys dont' get tired of him! the first is him looking handsome in alittle accessory mama threw on him..

and the next i have to admit i staged, he didn't do all that himself. but thats his monkey that he loves squeaking from his grandma for christmas! 

 and lastly, i did NOT stage this...he was really sitting like this. and before i took the picture he actually had his head leaned back to the side and was drifting off i think...he thinks hes suchhhh a human!!

wat a ham :] <3

Finally It Ends!

AAAnd Im back on the computer. So hopefully not another messed up blog like the last one. I'm not sure why but it wouldn't let me me do like !'s and ('s, and apparently i tend to use those quite a bit! The week of work as come to an end for me...finally! This one seemed like a long one! I had a dentist appointment today to get a cavity filled and so i figured i'd be working late-ish to make up for lost time...but it seems that the little bit i worked extra monday/tuesday covered it, so i was good! I got out around 5, went to the library and then to Gina's house for dinner. Now I'm home in this wonderful bed that i fiiiinally got in my room (did i tell you guys taht part??) aand listening to my dog settle himself down. on the floor. cause he hasn't figured out how to get up here yet. Key word being yet (i think)...its prolly not too far off. We ran out of wood yesterday so we are burning the pellet stove/ things aren't quite as toasty as they've been. today was a verrrrrry cold cold inside at work my fingers were feeling numb! So any type of heat feels good to me! Tomorrow i plan to chill...take care of some laundry, and spend time with Dakarai and a book or two! then at 7 I have a volleyball game for the league that started last week...should be a pretty good one cause the team we play is decent. I think dad and his friend are coming to watch, they enjoy them! Then saturday off to Canandaigua for part of the day with some girls from work adn Chelsea. Should be fun! then the week starts alllll over again! Well just wanted to drop a line or two so you guys didn't think i abandoned this idea already!


monday: the rundown.

phew. wat a day. i would have put an  exclamation point there but my phone isnt letting me for some reason....and i dont really have the patience to figure it out right now. sooo...we'll say if theres two periods at the end of a setence that it means exclamation.. anyways. i started off the day and not very much sleep becaause for some reason sleep forgot to stop at my house last night.. wat a ripp. mondays at work are inventory days...and its my job to take inventory of everything produced the previous week that belongs in my room. the difficult part of that this week was that last week with that promotion i was taking abt there was alot of mixes ordered and they are easier to assemble when the packages of fruit arent already we had it loose. which ment today i had to estimate how many mixes would be on the spreadsheet, make those then case the rest like normal. but there was aloooot of that to do. sooo basically dan the ups man came before we were finished thn it was another whirlwind to get them shippednt andk

ok u have to ignore this big space and the stuff below it cause my phone is trippin and does weird things. anyways didnt get to paperwork till abt four forty five...and i jus sent a couple invoices and pushed the rest off till tomorrow. pheww. like i said.. tomorrow is prolly gonna be another busy onea well dakarai said hes tred of the click click clikcing of my fingers so i should prolly wrap it up.. wish this wasnt so dumb looking with my droid errors..aaah well.

love you

 i didnt get to paperwork till abt rrt


this jussssst in...

blog can be updated via droid. (phone, for those of you unfamilar) 

we are goooolden

First tiiiime!

Well hey there guys! Isn't this a fab idea i had? I figured since i'm pretty bad at the individual email thing...maybe if i had something like this when i got inspired i could write and then anyone could see it and keep track of me alllllll the way up here!

At this exact moment i'm sitting at Dunkin Doughnuts (free WIFI!) with Katrina...this is one of our traditions, is having dates here :]

This week was pretty was extreeeemely busy.  (Ps. Here is the website of  the biggest company that we work for if you ever see this product sold anywhere, you should touch it. cause i could have touched it earlier in life!


They ran some promo thing where some of their snacks were onsale, and i guess the sale ran on a coupon website, basically stay at home moms wanting to spend their husbands money...and they BOUGHT BOUGHT BOUGHT!!! cause our daily shipping orders (which i'm in charge of) were HUGERRRRR than they have everrrr been. usually takes me less than an hour to fulfill, especially on a normal day (aka not around a holiday) and this week it took me plus a couple others like 8 hours to do! pretty intense but at least those days fleeew by! ...i'm not so much looking forward to going to work tomorrow tho, cause pretty sure "My room" as i like to to call it is gonna look like tornado hit it! not to mention i def didn't get to any of the paperwork last

We got some of this white stuff they tell me is called snow this weekend! we've had a pretty laid back winter, but i think this week it might stick with us. I'm excited i guess, cause if it sticks theni have a date with a sled next weekend!

Friday I played in my first volleyball league game of the year...i played last year also, it lasts from about january till the middle of april. last year we did well, we actually took home the gold! hopefully we'll do the same this year. its a church type league, so we run into some decent teams and so not so decent. friday was a good warm up, it was on the not so good side. starting the 26th i might start playing in ANOTHER league on wednesday nigths too...guess i might as well load my schedule with it till i get tired of it! keeps me goin tho, sometimes things get alil blan around here!

yesterday i didn't do much of anything...i woke up and it was brilliantly white i got motivated to take my monster for a walk :]

as you can see...he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

The first picture is a post-walk picture...while we were snuggling on the couch.
the second is about as good as it gets for superfunpicture time...he doesn't understand the look at the camera part!

And theeen...i tackled some laundry! and fooled around alittle with some hair accessories...
well its not letting me upload that picture. i'll try agian another time.

well this seems like a good start for a first blog...hopefully i'll keept this updated! i have to see if i can access it from my phone, that would be even better. and of course notify all you lovlies!