Big 5-0 anybody still there? If so, let me say how patient you are! So here it is...the big fifty post. I had noooooooo intentions of putting this post off for so long, And then it started to feel silly to even give something away that maybe noone wants. Urgh. I should have never let so much time pass. Buuut I dunno. I guess I just let other mind matters take over and they shoved all thoughts of blogging aside. And for that, I apologize.

Mmkay. So, the prize. aaaaaaaaaa JUMBO WAVER of course!!!!! (This is not a sponsered ad, even though I sure as heck wish it was as many as I have bought and given or convinced people to get!)

You can go from this....

To THIS! I know. It's exciting. :) 

First let me apologize for the not-so-great explanatory photos. It's actually really easy and I probably will over-explain it. 

Sometimes I use nothing in my hair and just go for it. If my roots are looking a little oily, I use some dry shampoo (bottle on the right, I don't particularly suggest this one, but it could be worse too) first. 

Again, only if I feel like putting time into it, I sometimes use some type of sea salt spray to help some with  the texture. It works perfectly fine with nothing added also. close at least one eye because more than likely you will mis-spray and get yourself. Not that I speak from experience or anything. 

Sometimes I section my hair and do every little piece. Sometimes I just start on the top layer and wave whatever shows. The picture below shows about what size section to use. 

 The important thing in waving is not to be tugging tight the hair from the root. I'm trying to point at the hair that is slack between the waver and the root. Now flash back to the 90s and the crimper you may have had. It works differently than a flat iron in the sense that you don't pull it down the hair, Instead you clamp and hold and then unclamp and move down. 

Keep the waver clamped for 4ish seconds and then un-clamp and move down so the top barrel will rest where the bottom barrel rested before.  Follow that? Clamp again. Also, I like to use my waver with the barrels on top, and the flat-er parts on the bottom. I suppose you could try both ways and find your preference. 

Again, remember not to pull on the hair as you clamp...that would un-do the wave you just created. Keep clamping and un-clamping until you run out of hair! 

And this should be the end result. Sometimes I spray a bit of hairspray throughout the waves, but I haven't totally decided if I think that helps or not. It took me a couple times of waving for my hands/arms to not feel ackward, but I promise it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.  In my opinion it's much easier than curling my hair, plus I love that it gets wavy to the root. 
 This is waved hair.  Gosh how I would love to have it natural like that!

 Also for you long-haired beauties...I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked when my hair was long also! It Alllmost made me not cut my hair. But not quite. :)

So yea. A waver is my give-away. I guess I should have explained that to anyone who might have missed OR actually forgotten since I talked about it so long ago. I decided on my 50th blog post I'd give something away. And I chose a jumbo waver. Depending on who wins, if it's someone that I don't think will...uh...benefit from a waver, I will change the prize. Sound fair? to enter. Leave a comment, with your email if I may need that to get you your gift. Maybe you could comment suggestions on what you'd like to see differently on this little space (besides more regular me I've got the self-criticism covered in that area). Or just say Hi. I'd probably count that as an entry too. :) This will be a chosen at random nothing like the "best answer wins". Although I wish I could do a virtual dance contest or something...

You have 48 hours. May the odds be ever in your favor. :) 

Oh and of course...thank you for reading. That's really what this give-away is all about...just a little way to show appreciation for joining me on this blogging journey. 


  1. Pick me - pick me! (you know how to contact me)

  2. I read your blog! There's such a good potpourri (I've been waiting ages to use that word in proper context, teehee) of posts and it's truly enjoyable. Keep up the good blog work :)

  3. Really liked all the pictures of how to use it!! And your explanation is great too! Love tutorials and DIY projects! You should do a blog on your frame you just made! :D
    - Amanda

  4. oh dear, not sure if this is gonna post twice...

    ummm, helloooo, pick me!! Ahhh, how exciting!! Loved the tutorial as well, it was very informative AND helpful AND you looked cute as always =D

  5. I've been waiting for this giveaway for fooooorrreeeevvvverrrrrrrr!!!

    You know I want this :)

  6. I have been looking forward to this giveaway since early summer. You mentioned it when we were garage saleing in Syracuse. Yes I want the jumbo waver, because big hair can always be bigger. :)

    Your blog is really fun, but I would love to see more hair tutorials and fashion posts, because you're really good at both.

  7. Love that Warrior shirt. Looks sooo comfy! I want to see some fall wardrobe styling posts!

  8. Yes!! Count me in- would love to win.:) You're gorgeous, as always.

  9. Ahhh!!!! I WANT THIS THING!!! =)
    I'm sure I would benefit from it!! =)
    I love your blog just the way it is...your posts are always fab. I love it when you do tutorials, like this one...your photos are hilarious...LOVE your expressions. =)

  10. I'm doing the "hi" thing. With BONUS: *waves and smiles*
    -Amanda Helmuth

  11. Hey it's me!!! Thanks for doing my hair this morning!!!!