Just for fun, open this in another tab and jam a little while you read. If you are a mobile viewer, you are totally missing out! :]

What have I been doing?
Hmm..gearing up for all the upcoming things! Right now we (Beard, his brother & I) are in PA.  The company they work for (Paradise Energy Solutions) has what they call "The Summit" once a year at their main office.  I believe it's conferences, where they discuss how they've done, and any strategies for the next year.  I decided to come along this time, we are staying at Brad's aunt and uncle's place.  Super fab hosts I tell ya :] Anyways, We arrived yesterday around lunch time and after I dropped the guys off I went up around the corner to a place called Angela's Cafe - what a COOL place! It's like a coffee shop/cafe/library/plus other things, I think I saw a music room, they have a family care center there, all kinds of stuff! I ate some lunch and spent some time on the internet and reading.  I wish we had a place like that in NY!

Hows the weather? (don't you like how I switch up the questions to be suitable for what I have subject matter for?)
Snowy! I hear they've gotten their share this year!  I'd say the roads here are a little scarier than ours. I think it's because there are a lot of back/side roads, and they probably don't get the salt and plowing that we are used to.  Plus there is like zero shoulder && people build their farms like 2 feet from the road.  (I may exaggerate a tiny bit, yes I may)

What are you doing this afternoon/evening?
Weeeell I think dear Aunt Kathy is gonna show me some cool shops for awhile (You should see her house, it has the coolest stuff!  She was telling me about an auction she goes to sometimes and what she paid for some of her items and my jaw almost hit the floor, in a good way.  I  know we are spoiled in NY with our salvation armies but sign me up for one of those auctions please!) AAAnd tonight we are going to Shady Maple with the paradise people for their 5th (I think) anniversary. I hear that I am in for quite a treat to eat/see this place (haha...eat at I mean), I'm excited about it!

What are you working on?
Nothing I think. As crazy as that sounds, since I think even in my bio it says I always have a project.  Here I go to re-write that...jk.  But really, I've had kinda a dry spell of ideas.  Or I should say, of motivation to run with ideas.  I went shopping with my Lovely mom-friend Ann last week and got a little inspired at Michaels (they have the coolest stuff right now!!) and went home to do a little re-decorating. I think with all the painting I was doing I kinda focused on that, and now that I'm between a rock and a hard place (The kitchen isn't ready to paint, and I can't seem to commit to a bedroom color) I am twiddling my thumbs.

Whats coming up?
Well next weekend our church is hosting The Gathering, which is a youth event. I'm working on a grocery list to get all the supplies to feed those kiddos. Then the focus will switch to getting my dad's house totally emptied out, and cleaned, because there is a possible renter that would like to move in.  THEN I will begin to get giddy about my trip to NC to meet all my new babies that have to get to know their Aunt Patty and LOVE HER, duh!

What is "trending" for you?
Topknots.  I've finally mastered a good one (that works for me) and It's totally my go to.  It hides crazy hair, dirty hair, any kinda hair.

now would be a good time to insert the next question:
What are you wondering now?
(haha some of these make little to no sense) I'm wondering about DIY stuff. Like, as much as that is part of my lifestyle I feel like it would be fun to include some little tips in blog posts, but i feel like nothing would be 100% original, so it would be one more tutorial out there.  And I guess I'd feel guilty like I was trying to make something that wasn't mine, MINE. BUT on the flip side, people can pick and chose which tutorials makes the most sense to them, right? I know I've typed something into pinterest or Google and weeded out the ones that didn't seem to fit my personal cognitive thinking.

So, tell me. Should I throw a little DIY in? For example, how to paint a striped wall, or an awesome topknot recipe for long hair? :)

What are you looking forward to?
A post that will be coming sometime in the short future featuring a photoshoot my talented SIL did on the perfect snowy afternoon.  I'll introduce you to a couple models that were present as well. It will be a fun time. :)

That's me in a nutshell.  These posts are fun for me because they are so scattered and from here to there, but in question form it seems to work. :)

Happy bottom half of the week, readers!


  1. Hair tutorials are always a good idea:)

    As far as other tutorials go it's always fun to see different bloggers unique spin on things and how they added their own personality to the project. And if you don't want to feel like you're stealing you could always credit the original blogger. Either way, definitely show us some of your craftiness:)

  2. I haven't told you (because I'm working on not being j-e-a-l-o-u-s) but I love the new blog look. :D Aaand, if you happen back into Angela's Cafe my very own Aunt Jane is the librarian there some days. Love that place too.

    1. Girlfriend. Checkout the Etsy templates, and give yourself a new look if it's time! Best valentines day gift ever...even though the year he gave me a garlic press was good too. (we are obvs so romantic ;])

  3. Yes yes! Let's see some hair tutorials!!! And some DIY projects!!

  4. I like the hair tutorials idea, too!! Do it, do it...*chanting* :)

  5. LOVE this post, Patty girl! I've been to Angela's Cafe and I want one of those in my town, too! What an awesome idea-combining a coffee shop, cafe, and library. #brilliant.
    I say YES for the hair tutorials. And any other diy you feel led to do. =)
    Also I'm anticipating seeing some of the shots from that photoshoot! With Lynds behind the lens I'm sure they will be stellar!!

    1. I bet you love finding places like that on your journey...great wifi and plenty of room for your family to roam! :]