THIS Summer

I noticed today that a weird thought ran thought my head.

"I can't wait until next summer."

Maybe that wouldn't be so strange if it was like, mid-winter 2014. But it's not. It's mid/early-summer NOW. I blame it on what seems like a preeetty busy schedule the next little while.  It's not even dreaded tasks, some of them are quite delightful actually + things I look forward to. 
Beard (can I still call him that if he shaved off his masterpiece and is just in the early stages of growing it back? I told him I was going to have to change his whole persona if he wanted to nix it! :]) & I were talking the other day, and I was telling him that I think I do pretty well with a full schedule, but if it gets too full then my brain gets mushy and I end up taking a nap, or doing something completely unrelated to any of the long list of things I should be doing. :] Am I alone here?

I guess May/June seems pretty busy, and on top of that the summer weather has been (very) slow coming, and that just makes me feel anxious because I feel like it's going to end before I know it! I think what seemed appealing to me about next summer is that (at this point) it's un-planned, and it seems like there will be lots of it to enjoy. But that way of thinking just doesn't make sense, because
a. I like plans, and events, and doing things
b. I know as it approaches things will be planned
c. I am not appreciating life right now, in the moment
d. I like doing things!!

So this is me writing a whole post about one crazy little thought. Sometimes when things come to mind (no matter how fleeting or major) that make me step back and evaluate what I just thought, I feel like it helps for me to sit down and actually address it. That either helps squash it and publicly embarrass it for the craziness that it is, or give it a voice. In this case...I'm going for squashing. :] Grab your mallets people!

Here's to enjoying each planned event, no matter the size, or pre-planning it takes. And here's to looking forward to the surprises each un-planned day brings. I hope Summer 2014 is all you planned it to be, and more! I think I've officially said the word 'planned' too many times in 5 paragraphs. I'm done now. 

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  1. teehee you're no alone boo. I make a list of things I need to do, then get sidetracked because my mind is on *overload. So then I end up doing something I wasn't planning on doing.