The Mothers

Happy Mother's day, to the long time mothers, newbie mothers, gonna-be mothers, shoulda-been mothers, and puppy-mothers. & I guuuuuess cat-mothers. Maybe. :]

I think today is a good day to sit for a second and think why you really appreciate your mother(s), and then be purposeful about keeping it forefront in your mind so you can be thankful for that, and let them know how you feel! Unfortunately, all my mothers got this year was a nice card...and an IOU.  Some years I am prepared and all excited to give my...whatever it is...but this year I was stumped! And I decided instead of scrambling and getting a less-exciting something, I would wait until I think of something perfect, even if it is delayed. Am I the only one who doesn't always like deadlines?

Anyways. I thought this would be the perfect occasion to post a couple pictures of my moms, the women that are there for me no matter what. There is a long list of women who have supported and mothered me in one way or another over the years, but for times sake, I will keep it to the "real" ones.

Martha, the one who gave me life. One of the most patient people I know, and the woman taught me a love for reading, made obstacle courses for me in the yard, and let my creativity shine (sometimes in the form of awful outfits, enter home-made dresses, over cut off shorts, under huge t-shirts, topped with hiking boots. Yikes.). We are evolving into friends, how mothers and daughters do, and it's awesome.

Ruth, the one who accepts me as her own. She has welcomed me into her family with open arms, and displays home-maker characteristics that I hope to mirror the best I can. I feel so blessed daily for the woman she is.

Now, enjoy Lyndsi's work!


  1. Patty-
    You're beautiful, and this blog is too!!!

    And I was thinking about you yesterday, that mother's day must have been a little hard for you. But I want to say a late Happy Mother's Day to you. Because you are a mother even though you haven't held your little babies in your arms yet, you will someday. And I am praying for little ones in your arms here on earth too.

    love you, and can't wait to see you soon!