I titled this post, and then wasn't sure where to go from here. I don't claim to know all the deets, I just know that there is some serious devastation just a few miles away from my home. My home, where we are are safe, and dry, and can drive in and out of our driveway. Tuesday late night/Wednesday early morning, the rain came. I'm not sure what the official gauge said, but I think it was at least 5 inches. Not to mention, here, 2 days later, we got another couple of inches. Our dear town just wasn't prepared for that. The one amazing things about disasters like this, are how the people come together. People working side by side who probably live on the same street, but have never spoken before. The surrounding towns sent their volunteer firefighters to close roads, pump basements, and rescue people (from what I'm told).

I have driven down to town a couple of times, and the streets are either closed, dusty, or have debris along the side. In some areas parts of the edges are washed away. I know what I am seeing is nothing compared to actually experiencing it in it's fullest wrath, having your home condemned or your business ruined. It's crazy to think of the force that water has.

I don't really have a point per-say to this post, I guess I felt like I needed to somehow document this historic time. I just hope that those of us who know Who is in control can encourage those who may not know. I am praying for all the people affected by the storm.

I must admit, this chorus was running through my head the last couple days. Lets turn this into something grand, shall we?

Lord , send the rain
Pour out Your Spirit
Let the fire fall
Heal us one and all
Fall fresh on me 

(Here are a couple of articles with pictures about the happenings, if you aren't local.)




Send your prayers everyone!

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