Blogger Tips

Don't let the blog title fool you.  I can't take credit for most of these tips...but in the last week or so I've come across a few different posts with some good tips for bloggers, especially newbies like me! So I thought no time like the present to pass them along to you, I know I have some friends who are recent beginner bloggers, and some who are contemplating starting one.  So you guys will be lucky to get this knowledge from the get go! :]

Meagan blogged about some great tips here . Below I will add some thoughts about a couple of her points.

- #3 the comment thing. I think this is so true.  I read so many different blogs, and I have to be honest.  The ones that are well known, or already have 50+ comments, make me not wanna bother leaving any myself. It just seems like, there's no way I would say something that hasn't already been said, and I don't wanna sit and read them all to double check. BUT some bloggers will answer most of their comments, which would mean they might click over to your blog, and maybe like what they see? Idk. It sounds "selfish" to be so worried about "followers" haha, but I guess it's just part of it! It isn't too fun to think you put lots of time and effort into posts and no one reads them. When I first started posting regularly, I felt silly to "announce" my posts in social media, but really, that's just giving people a heads up that there is something new, if they are interested! It's not tooting your own horn! So, if you've had these thoughts, you aren't alone. :] I also think it's important to write because you want to write, and how you want to write, and what you want to write. The focus can't be ALL on your readers, or how many comments you get, because you will burn out quick.  There has to be a happy medium in there somewhere. And I don't think it's as hard as maybe I'm making it sound.

-#3 side note. I'm with her on turning off the word verification thing. I usually do follow through and post my comment, but it's annoying not easy, especially from a phone! Go turn it off. You won't regret it.

- Patty sidenote. I had people telling me that they weren't able to comment on my posts. I think maybe it has something to do with not having a google plus, or gmail account (secretly I have no idea, I just know some people could and some couldn't.) So I was nosing around in some settings and found one that I think fixed it.  So let me go figure it where it was so I can share it with you. Hang on. :]

Hey! I'm back.  It's actually in the same place that you would turn off the word verification.  So when you are on your blogger dashboard home page thingy, to the right of the little orange pencil where you would write a new post is some white paper with a drop down arrow.  Click the drop down, and select "settings". The page it takes you to will show the "settings" in orange to the left of the page, and it will be in "basic" settings. Click the one below that, "posts and comments". Then change 'who can comment?" to "anyone". I'm pretty sure mine was originally on "registered user". Boom.  Now Abe Lincoln could comment on your post if he wants to.

- #8 I'm excited that she mentioned Blog Lovin' ...cause it's one of my new favorite things! It's a website you can visit to see all the blogs you follow (at least the ones that have a Blog Lovin' account) in one place! My friend and I were talking today about how we couldn't tell you the websites for the blogs we read, we bookmark them or whatever and then always access them that way. SO this way you don't have to remember them! Plus you  have the option to scroll through and read all the blogs you follow starting with the  most recent posts and going back.  And there is even a mobile version. It's great. You'll love it, I promise! Kinda like Instagram, but like Blogstagram!! HA! Finally a way to describe it!

- Last Patty tip (for this post anyway!) If you are thinking/wanting to start a blog, do it. It's easy to feel like little hummingbird in a big huge eagle's nest, but really.  We all have slightly different things to say, and different ways of saying it! Something that seems "daily life" to you, might touch someone else in a way you would never imagine.  USE YOUR VOICE, and the opportunity to reach more people than you would think possible.  Share your beliefs. share your story. share your joys and your heartaches. share your encouragement. Share, share share.  Isn't that one of the first things our parents teach us anyways?



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    1. I can't wait to see what direction you go in!

  2. Love this! Its kinda making me want to start a blog, and fyi im glad you posted thelinks on fb so I know they exist and can read them. However, I dont completely understand the blog world but am kinda interested thanks to you actually!

    1. It's pretty complicated sometimes, but you can google most questions to try and get some answers, between that and reading lots of more advanced blogs than mine, I'm starting to get the hang of it! Can't wait to read yours if you decide to start!