Am I A Blogger?

Don't answer that. At least, not for me.  I've already deemed myself one, definitely not the best, but an aspiring one.

This question, is one that you must answer yourself.  I have gotten quite a few inquires about blogging, as in should I (the person(s) behind the question) start a blog?  Do I have enough to say that people will care to read?  I thought maybe I'd share a few thoughts on this publicly (well, as public as my own blog is) in case there are more of you who are wondering, but haven't actually asked.

My first thought is that you have to start your blog for YOU.  If you start it because your far-away family wants you to, or because all your friends are doing it, or to make a few bucks, my guess is that you will fizzle out quickly.  You need to start it because you want a (public) spot to get out your feelings, express your fashion ideas, or tell a joke or two.  I look forward to having my posts to look back on different stages of my life and remember the details that would otherwise be forgotten.

Second is don't get caught up in how many people are (or aren't) reading your posts. Blogger has some handy tracking info on page views etc that I haven't totally dug into yet, but I glance at occasionally.  I've technically had this blog for a few years, but have posted somewhat consistently for about 7 months. I'd say on an average post, I get about 50-90 page views.  I think this includes anytime I may visit the post, or other's re-visit. So, that's not too many views, let's just agree I'm not world known. But does it make me wanna quit? No, cause that's not the reason I started. Same with comments.  I usually have a few per post, and the interaction is always fun cause someone took the time to say "hi!" But let's just be honest, unless you are the Kardashian's cousin, and have recently been tagged on their instagram, it will probably be slow coming.

Third, don't expect to have to be perfect at first.  I have a book on blogging, an e-course waiting for me to finish on blogging, and here I am. Still blogging very roughly.  It's a future goal of mine to have a more refined space, awesome pictures, more readership, and maybe make a couple of bucks.  But I'm not going to be discouraged to "keep on keeping on" in the mean time. I'd say it could be somewhat trial and error. Most things that you read will want you to pick a topic or two and stick to it, but I'm not so sure. Take A Beautiful Mess for instance.  Probably one of the most successful blogs, and it is so all over the place (in an organized way, I mean topic wise) which will attract all kinds of different readers. I would say the important thing whether you stick to 1 topic, or 28, is they have to be something you are passionate about and enjoy. Otherwise, it'll be a drag for you, and probably those reading.

Fourth, and last for today, DO NOT compare yourself to other bloggers. Now I think there can be healthy inspiration gleaned from other more experienced or diverse bloggers.  But let's bring this a little closer to home, and focus on our real-live-friend-bloggers. I love reading blogs of people I know...sometimes it's a glimpse into a part of their life I've never seen, or sometimes it's re-hearing a funny story told earlier. It's also fun to have real life conversations about blogging, hearing tips, being encouraged to keep up with it, and so on.  But really, I encourage you to enjoy that likeness with your blogger-friends instead of ruining it by thinking you need to write more like them, or wishing you were like them because they have more material to blog about. We are all so different, and thinking differently, and express ourselves differently, so let's keep it that way.  One of my dear blogger-friends has a very inspirational, feel-good-about-yourself, good-flowing-word-choices blog. Basically, totally different feel and writing style as mine. Does that mean that either of us need to feel pressure that one is better than the other? No way dude! That's what makes the blogging world so cool! No matter how you write, or what you write about, I think there is a "niche" for you.

SO. I hope you come away with a little food for thought, and that your wheels are turning about the blog that YOU are going to start. Haha, like that pressure? This is the part where you say "Patty crazy lady, if I start this, it'll be for MEEE!" :] Basically, it's worth it in my opinion. Which is OK, because this is my blog.

As a names are the funnest to come up with. I started my blog probably, 3-4 years ago, thinking I would be an ever-faithful poster so my friends/family back home could get a glimpse in my NY life. hahaha  Like one post a year.  Anyways, I don't actually remember coming up with "downsouth yankee", but I'm guessing it had something to do with the recent move, and wanting to kinda straddle the line. Buuut more recently I've helped a few friends with some names, and I just love how they can be fun, meaningful, and personalized to each person! So, fifth thought even though I said I was done...put a bit of thought and effort into your might be a famous domain one day! ;]


  1. I love this! It's so spot on in so many ways. What you said about the comparison thing is so true...I am always wishing I were more witty and entertaining like you are on your blog! But if I were like you, then I wouldn't be me, and all that. The world could totally use two of you hanging around, but you get my point. ;)

    1. ...did you catch on that you were my dear blogger-friend? ;] t's true that our writing styles are so different...but that doesn't even matter! We can still be friend-ys and text song lyrics to each other. I love it. :]

  2. You're too cool.

    Also, I can recommend Patty's services for any blog naming needs! ;)

  3. awesome post....amen amen amen. Love it.
    and go, girl! you got the subscription deal hooked up!! #cheers

    1. Yes, I finally figured that out. On my own I might add, not even the help of my genius computer nerdy husband. :)