WYBDW (sorta)

Hey look it's Wednesday again, and a rainy one at that! It hasn't slowed me down though. Katrina & I ventured to Ithaca this morning for a few reasons, one of which was to hit up the Salvation Army. They were having a spring sale where everything in the store was half off.  That's a pretty cool thought, but woooow was it packed.  We went our separate ways, did some shopping, and met back in line.  And stayed in that line for probably 40 minutes or so.  I was juuuust about to start freaking out when we finally got to the register.  It was just an un-organized mess. But I did get a few fun things out of the deal. :] Unfortunately I had to leave a pretty great piece of furniture behind, but sometimes that's how life goes! 

I read this blog fairly frequently, or at least check out her outfits.  I like her sense of humor, and how she seems down to earth. A few weeks ago she did a "currently" post, and I thought I'd borrow her categories to switch up my "What You Been Doing Wednesday" post. 

Hope you enjoy!

Reading: I am currently reading a book called "between the lines". It's a good reminder that God is the one writing our story!
Playing: Hmm...not sure! My husband isn't much of a game player (my kind) and I'm not much of a video gamer (his kind)...so that leaves me to look forward to parties with games. Dutch Blitz is usually towards the top of the list!
Watching: Netfix...I guess that's kinda all inclusive. 
Trying: Trying to believe that the sunshine will come...and stay...long term one of these days! 
Eating: Black bean corn salsa - made it last night. It tastes like summer in my mouth! I mentioned a recipe a few posts back (balsamic roast beef?) & that is in the crock pot as we speak.  Cannot WAIT for dinner. 
Drinking: Trying to really boost my water intake. & reminiscing about all the sweet tea I drank last week in NC. Boy I wish we'd get some of that good stuff rollin' up here! 
Calling: Brad, for a tech problem. :]
Texting: That's a list, honestly. But Trina most recently...mourning over the fact that (what I thought was) my future puppy is sold. :[
Pinning: This and that, a haircut last I think??
Tweeting: Nothing, since like 2008. I'm not quite convinced that I have enough DIFFERENT subject material for Facebook, Instagram, aaaand Twitter. 
Crafting: Hmm, I've kinda had crafting on hold. But I am working on a blanket in my spare time. 
Doing: Catching up! Life definitely goes on, even while you are gone on vacation! Also, walking. It's a new thing, but I've been trying to walk in the evenings. Let me know if you wanna join! :]
Going: At the beginning of June I am going on a little girl-cousin's get away! I think it's gonna be super fun, spending time with some ladies I don't get to see to often and get to know a few more!
Loving: More hours of daylight, the green grass, my clean vehicles, my best friend living in the same town as me.  
Hating: The fact that the puppy(s) - litter we will say- I was looking at are all sold. Suuuuuch a bummer. 
Discovering: That I have a huuuge to-do list in my head. 
Enjoying: My new jumbo waver!!!!!!!!
Thinking: About fun summer activities that are right around the corner, like as softball! 
Feeling: A little sore. And tired of headaches.
Hoping: That the doctor/tests will find an easy solution that will equal no more miscarriages. 
Listening (to): All kinds of stuff! 'Boondocks' was one of the unexpected, but Brad said I can't claim it as my own cause I'm not from them. :[
Celebrating: hmm...
Thanking: My far-away-Outback-friend Kim. :] Haven't seen or spoken to her in a long time, but she has succeeded to randomly make me feel so special. A few months ago it was a gentle nudge on FB to write a new blog post, and today it was to "honor" me on National Hairstyle Appreciation Day (didn't even know there was such a thing!). It's people like her that are worth crossing paths with in life...So thanks Kim! 
Considering: How much work I have to do for my yard sale that I plan to have in a month or so! I better get moving! 
Finishing: Gossip Girl, season 2. :]
Starting: To contemplate doing outfit posts. Not the typical type, because most of my clothes are second hand so I would have trouble pointing people in the "right direction" for purchasing. But maybe, outfits that encourage thrifting? Thoughts??

Well that was kinda fun! Some were challenging, and required some thought, but that's not always bad!

I also wanted to take a second to thank all my North Carolina family & friends that made my visit so awesome. I really, really had a good time visiting with each and every one of you.  I love the walks down memory lane, and the additional memories made. Thank you for opening your homes and setting aside time to catch up with me when I come down!! And my Mom & Mike for housing me, and feeding me, and all that good stuff, love you guys! :]


  1. ah yes!! so excited for that delightful little reunion to take place! and so pumped that YOU are coming too, dearie!

  2. love your writings, reflections, photos, your heart

    1. Mom! You commented...I'm glad we decided that is important. :) xoxo

  3. This was a fun read :) Maaaybe someday I'll borrow it? I mean obviously with my own answers. of course. right. :)

  4. Awe, this was great! Thanks for the shout out and the kind words;) I think you could do outfit posts focusing on thrifting, as I think it's an art that a lot of folks aren't really knowledgable in. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. You are the genius behind the categories! :) good point, I would love to work my way towards that, I always read your photo tips, I don't wanna be one of "those" blogs where they are a turn off. Happy weekend to you too!