Wist List

A little wish list never hurt anyone right?  I feel like I go walking through life, minding my own business...and then


I suddenly realize there is a small list of things I can't bare the thought of not having wish were mine! I don't think this makes me a terrible or selfish person. Especially since I don't run out and buy them all. Sometimes I might splurge on something, but usually I just add it to my thrifting list, or wait till it's not so popular & get it cheaper. *sigh* It's a hard knock life for a loves-to-finda-good-deal gal. 

Anyways. I thought I'd let you in on my list just for funsies. If you love me super lots, feel free to leave a comment letting me know which item you plan to buy for me, & I will edit my wish list accordingly. ;]                                                              (Totally kidding.)

Happy feet - 
There seems to be a sort of trend, in which shoes are allllways on my list. I wish I had discovered these or these when I lived in the land of boat shoes. Maybe some up suspecting soul will buy them in a size 9, hate them, and promptly deliver them to the salvation army. A girl can hope, right?!
I'm on the search for a cheap pair of these, or a sort of loafer. If you know of a steal, let your girl know!

Happy wear - 
Cute tank.
Who doesn't like a good cause? It helps that this website has pretty cool shirts
I wish I could rock this style jeans.
And while we are on the subject of denim, may I have one of these?

Happy kitchen - 
Someday I'd like to have one of these
Plus, some orange and blue might be good for my Fiesta collection!

Happy puppy - 
Urgh. I missed the ones I was very interested in. But here and here are a couple of pretty cute options!

Happy head - 
I'll take this, and then this. As bravery gets stronger. :]
I've been a bit unsure about these headbands, but they are growing on me. 

Happy randoms - 
If I had a farm, I'd raise these. cute cute cute!
Cause what country girl doesn't need one of these?

Am I the only one who when I come across posts like this, and open a bunch of tabs from the "these" and "here" words...I feel like it's sooo suspenseful and I just wonder and wonder what it is going to be! haha. I guess I do have a streak of dramatic in me. 

I hope this sparks your inner wish list! Let me know what I left out!

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  1. This was such a fun post, Patty G! You've got styyyyyyle, woman. ;)