The title of this blog has been the story of my life for the past week. guess thats why i sorta let this blog thing slide...didn't wanna get the keyboard slimey with snot :D. i dont really have much to catch up on since it was alot of laying down sooo i'll start with today! katrina and i went to the salvation army in bath, thats always an adventure! we both found some good deals, and i had alittle photo shoot with myself! i found a vintage jean jacket (which ididn't buy, it was alittle stained and didn't fit too well but it was worth the picture) , its funny cause that style is coming back but this was def the reaaal thing! here i am...

I did buy the shirt underneath it tho.... :) this evening i think a group of us are going to walmart to buy some fun little gifts for our friend michael who is away at bible school, alot of mennonites go there, its usually about 6-8 weeks, sort of  like college but it doesn't really technically count for anything. so we want to send him a fun box. i'm still carrying around my tissue box, chap stick, and vicks vapor rub, and sporting a red nose buut i am tired of missing out on the funn!! 

so i'll end this with a couple pictures of my love :] hopefully you guys dont' get tired of him! the first is him looking handsome in alittle accessory mama threw on him..

and the next i have to admit i staged, he didn't do all that himself. but thats his monkey that he loves squeaking from his grandma for christmas! 

 and lastly, i did NOT stage this...he was really sitting like this. and before i took the picture he actually had his head leaned back to the side and was drifting off i think...he thinks hes suchhhh a human!!

wat a ham :] <3

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