Well I'm jumping back on the wagon, so to speak.  I've been wanting to get more faithful about blogging, but it just never seemed like the right time.  What with a wedding and all, and then everyone else's weddings. Maybe someday when I am super good at this I will go back and relive that day via blog...but that is not this evening. (in truth, I will probably post some fabulous pictures as soon as I receive them in the mail.  I've been running to the mail box every day. No joke. Ask Dakarai.  It was very confusing to him why he couldn't follow me) Anywho...for now I'm just saying hello. again.  This time I will stay longer, I promise.  Hopefully I don't get too boring! I don't have any specific direction I expect this blog to go...I just know that I want to go  SOMEWHERE (everywhere?) with it.  I've been reading a few different ones lately and am inspired.  I hope the inspiration spreads from my eyes to my brain to my fingers and onto my own brain! I also hope it tickles my memory gland and reminds me to take more pictures of random things I am doing (with a camera, not smart phone) whether its adventuring, projecting, cooking, or randoming. <-- I think randoming should definately be a word...not to mention a category. Anyways. Its almost 11...and Sandy is still outside. Just being alittle noisy, nothing too serious.  I'm guessing there will still be work tomorrow, but probably no school. Welp...This is Wifey saying goodnight!

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