Finally It Ends!

AAAnd Im back on the computer. So hopefully not another messed up blog like the last one. I'm not sure why but it wouldn't let me me do like !'s and ('s, and apparently i tend to use those quite a bit! The week of work as come to an end for me...finally! This one seemed like a long one! I had a dentist appointment today to get a cavity filled and so i figured i'd be working late-ish to make up for lost time...but it seems that the little bit i worked extra monday/tuesday covered it, so i was good! I got out around 5, went to the library and then to Gina's house for dinner. Now I'm home in this wonderful bed that i fiiiinally got in my room (did i tell you guys taht part??) aand listening to my dog settle himself down. on the floor. cause he hasn't figured out how to get up here yet. Key word being yet (i think)...its prolly not too far off. We ran out of wood yesterday so we are burning the pellet stove/ things aren't quite as toasty as they've been. today was a verrrrrry cold cold inside at work my fingers were feeling numb! So any type of heat feels good to me! Tomorrow i plan to chill...take care of some laundry, and spend time with Dakarai and a book or two! then at 7 I have a volleyball game for the league that started last week...should be a pretty good one cause the team we play is decent. I think dad and his friend are coming to watch, they enjoy them! Then saturday off to Canandaigua for part of the day with some girls from work adn Chelsea. Should be fun! then the week starts alllll over again! Well just wanted to drop a line or two so you guys didn't think i abandoned this idea already!


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  1. hey, tell us about the new bed -
    no mo mattress on the flo?
    oh yes "D" will learn how to get up there!