First tiiiime!

Well hey there guys! Isn't this a fab idea i had? I figured since i'm pretty bad at the individual email thing...maybe if i had something like this when i got inspired i could write and then anyone could see it and keep track of me alllllll the way up here!

At this exact moment i'm sitting at Dunkin Doughnuts (free WIFI!) with Katrina...this is one of our traditions, is having dates here :]

This week was pretty was extreeeemely busy.  (Ps. Here is the website of  the biggest company that we work for if you ever see this product sold anywhere, you should touch it. cause i could have touched it earlier in life!


They ran some promo thing where some of their snacks were onsale, and i guess the sale ran on a coupon website, basically stay at home moms wanting to spend their husbands money...and they BOUGHT BOUGHT BOUGHT!!! cause our daily shipping orders (which i'm in charge of) were HUGERRRRR than they have everrrr been. usually takes me less than an hour to fulfill, especially on a normal day (aka not around a holiday) and this week it took me plus a couple others like 8 hours to do! pretty intense but at least those days fleeew by! ...i'm not so much looking forward to going to work tomorrow tho, cause pretty sure "My room" as i like to to call it is gonna look like tornado hit it! not to mention i def didn't get to any of the paperwork last

We got some of this white stuff they tell me is called snow this weekend! we've had a pretty laid back winter, but i think this week it might stick with us. I'm excited i guess, cause if it sticks theni have a date with a sled next weekend!

Friday I played in my first volleyball league game of the year...i played last year also, it lasts from about january till the middle of april. last year we did well, we actually took home the gold! hopefully we'll do the same this year. its a church type league, so we run into some decent teams and so not so decent. friday was a good warm up, it was on the not so good side. starting the 26th i might start playing in ANOTHER league on wednesday nigths too...guess i might as well load my schedule with it till i get tired of it! keeps me goin tho, sometimes things get alil blan around here!

yesterday i didn't do much of anything...i woke up and it was brilliantly white i got motivated to take my monster for a walk :]

as you can see...he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

The first picture is a post-walk picture...while we were snuggling on the couch.
the second is about as good as it gets for superfunpicture time...he doesn't understand the look at the camera part!

And theeen...i tackled some laundry! and fooled around alittle with some hair accessories...
well its not letting me upload that picture. i'll try agian another time.

well this seems like a good start for a first blog...hopefully i'll keept this updated! i have to see if i can access it from my phone, that would be even better. and of course notify all you lovlies!



  1. Love it Patty, great idea. I hope you enjoy your blog and stay with it, its good for the soul! Thanks for the invite to read and hope you get a lot done at work tomorrow! Love you.

  2. hey beena-weena
    this is awesome! and a great idea.
    your own blog site.
    i have it in favs and i'll check it twice a day~
    have to ask: where did you come up with
    "we are goooollden...."
    thats from an old CSNY song
    "...and we've got to get ourselves...back to the ggggardennnnnnnnnn....!"
    PS- do you know about for shopping?
    check it out~
    love you- littro aka mom!

  3. like your blog ms g.
    love your news too although that one day at work you described did sound BUSY!
    i miss my volleyball days. they were always so much fun. good to hear you're playing and enjoying.
    dakarai looks like a real handful! something that happens here every once in a while too. we have about 2" on our deck today. it's pretty, but it'll be gone tomorrow. still, i did manage to get hit by a snowball today. imagine that!
    love ya....

  4. i had a jean jacket for years, levi's brand with a synthetic wool lining. it was very warm! and cool at the same time. old girlfriend stole it. swore she did not, but actually saw her wearing the thing later on.
    anyway, drama aside, i have lots of pictures of me in this jacket back then. it fit me. i fit it. ha!
    i'd need a much more "relaxed" jean jacket these days.
    sorry you were sick, but glad you are better.
    dakari looks like he knows he has you wrapped. ha!
    love ya,