monday: the rundown.

phew. wat a day. i would have put an  exclamation point there but my phone isnt letting me for some reason....and i dont really have the patience to figure it out right now. sooo...we'll say if theres two periods at the end of a setence that it means exclamation.. anyways. i started off the day and not very much sleep becaause for some reason sleep forgot to stop at my house last night.. wat a ripp. mondays at work are inventory days...and its my job to take inventory of everything produced the previous week that belongs in my room. the difficult part of that this week was that last week with that promotion i was taking abt there was alot of mixes ordered and they are easier to assemble when the packages of fruit arent already we had it loose. which ment today i had to estimate how many mixes would be on the spreadsheet, make those then case the rest like normal. but there was aloooot of that to do. sooo basically dan the ups man came before we were finished thn it was another whirlwind to get them shippednt andk

ok u have to ignore this big space and the stuff below it cause my phone is trippin and does weird things. anyways didnt get to paperwork till abt four forty five...and i jus sent a couple invoices and pushed the rest off till tomorrow. pheww. like i said.. tomorrow is prolly gonna be another busy onea well dakarai said hes tred of the click click clikcing of my fingers so i should prolly wrap it up.. wish this wasnt so dumb looking with my droid errors..aaah well.

love you

 i didnt get to paperwork till abt rrt

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  1. How's the commute to work these days little gurl with big ideas?
    big snowflakes?