Oh, you found me. I guess I haven't been hiding well enough! I'm pretty sure I'm in hibernation mode these days...just waiting patiently for warmer weather and SPRING! This cold is for the birds...literally I saw a flock of Canadian geese the other day hanging out by the edge of Keuka lake, probably mad that they left Florida so soon. :]


I painted my toe nails today for the first time in months. I basically leave them alone during the winter to breath and cause you never see them anyways. I picked Turned Up Turquoise, a fun springy color + green for St. Patrick's Day. [shout out to all my lovelies who have birthdays today!!]

I also spent some time sweeping/vacuuming/mopping because the lovely sunshine beaming in this morning showed me a couple scary floor spots. oopsie!

Tomorrow I am going to Canandaigua to hang out with one of my besties, and restock on salon supplies, and maybe do some other shopping. I'd like to get some fabric to try use this pattern and make myself a maxi skirt!

This recipe is in the crock pot today...There is something awesome about having dinner virtually ready at 9 am. :] I saw this one while I was looking earlier and it looks DEEEEE-licious. I will definitely try it some time!

I have a wall in my living room that I envision being a cool collage wall, but right now it only has 1 lonely little hoop on it.  I keep checking prints and posters on Etsy for something to JUMP OUT AT ME, but so far my cart is empty.  The problem is I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. So I guess that's my issue, and not Etsy's.  I'll work on that. (maybe something like thisthis and/or this)

This post doesn't really make sense, but that's OK. I just wanted you all to know that I'm just hibernating, not dying. :]


There is just something about that 'but' word that I like to leave on a line of it's own. :] since I've been such a debbie downer about the weather lately I'm going to challenge myself to find some outside beauty in the next couple days.  Maybe I'll check back in for a WYBDW post with my results, which will probably be phone quality pictures...beware!

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  1. The bears are coming out of hibernation...you should too ;)