Challenge accepted

A dear friend of mine challenged me to come out of hibernation.  I think she is right, it's high time [Thanks for the motivation Kate!]. It's amazing how much time can pass without a thought of a blog post, if you aren't some-what intentionally thinking about it.  It makes me have a lot of respect for the bloggers who post daily, or close to it.  Don't get me wrong, I love having a space where I can express my crazy thoughts etc, but is it just me or is it hard to think of good "writing material" when winter won't quit and there is barely a green blade of grass in sight?? Ok forreal.  I won't be Negative Nancy. One more thing on that, I didn't forget about the quest I sent myself on the last post...and I actually did go out and take some pictures. Will you all ever see them? No, probably not.  Picture a pile of snow, some peeling paint, and a feather on the ground...that picture happened to have some dog poo in the upper right hand corner accidentally.  Sooo you could say it wasn't the biggest success of my life.

BUT its a new month, and I think spring is slowly creeping in. Its been a bit rainy the last couple days but at this point I'll take rain over snow any time! Sunday was a beautiful day, almost in the 60s! Send some more like that pleeeease! I took a pretty hefty walk with Lyndsi and Ruth, which I'm still feeling in my joints today. :] But how lovely to be outside in the sunshine, without even a jacket!

Tomorrow we (Lyndsi, Ruth, Bekah + I) have an outting planned to Ithaca.  Just a time to spend together, cause that doesn't seem to happen on it's own these days! I'm looking forward to that...maybe if there is thrifting involved I will share my loot with you all. :]

A week from today , right about this time I will be preparing to take off into flight to good Ol North Carolina!  I'm so so so looking forward to this trip.  Visit some family, visit some friends, meet some new babies, soak up some sunshine...all sounds so nice to me.  I'm planning to come back refreshed and ready to be prepared!

This afternoon I have a few hair appointments, 1 is a trial for a bride getting married in May. Those are always fun, making people feel extra special for their extra special day!!

I didn't have a whole lot to say today but just wanted to jot down a few things so I'm not forgotten.  And you, dear reader, know you are not forgotten either. Until next time, I'll be thinkin about cha!

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  1. It's good to have you out of hibernation...don't stay there too long again! :)