Wintery World Photoshoot

Finally, here it is! As promised, that fun photo shoot from one Sunday afternoon.  Before hand I was talking to Lyndsi, and she was like "I just wish it would start snowing a little, but be sunny!" and by golly, she got her wish! I'm not gonna tell you that it was warm, because it definitely wasn't. But it was totally worth it. :] The girls met at my house & I did their hair and make-up for the shoot.  It was a fun opportunity for me to practice my do's & face painting (haha).  Thanks for being my guinea pigs girls! 

SO.  first off we had an amazing photographer, my very own Sister in law!  Check out Lyndsi Photography & peep her mad skills!  Shes a beauty buuut unfortunately is more often behind the camera then in front of it! I thought about making up fake alias' for the models (I was thinking Tia & Penelope??) so they wouldn't get bombarded by paparazzi and modeling contracts, but then I remembered that I did ask their permission to do this post, so meet Ria & Stephanie. :]

I just love Ria's curly fun hair.  Pretty much any time I get a chance I make it as big and curly as possible. 

These girls work together at the local bulk food store/cafe (in the cafe part).  If you stop by there, say hello. 

 I love these kinda pictures.  This was perfect weather for these snow blowy pictures!

This was one of my very favorite pictures of the whole day.  I just love the little 'tudes & the white out & the glimpse of the trees off in the background. 

It looks like things may have gotten a little out of control buut I think they are still friends. :]

I was just loving the black and whites from this shoot. I think I usually gravitate towards color as a general rule, but I love when black and white shots turn out as great as these did.

See that girl in the middle? That's Lyndsi, the beauty behind the camera.  I was behind the camera for this shot, and since I'm not a fab photographer, I made Steph blurry. Buut I did make the barn look texture-y. (Do you like how I have to explain/make excuses for my pictures? ;])

Stephanie has got some uuuuuh-mazing eyes, if you hadn't already  noticed!

This day was so great for a photo shoot. am I sounding repetitive?  I just love these portraits (I hope that's the right term...I was trying to think of the opposite of selfies...) that even catch the snow that was falling softly. 


...after Steph told me her Israeli joke.  Lets just say there are about 10 pictures I didn't include where I am dying of laughter over this girl's witty two-liners. :]

 Oh heey there.  That's me. With my giant glove hands because I was too cold to take them off. 

Recognize this one? Hint: Tiny circle on the right of my blog. Thank you Lyndsi for the great head shot! 

At the end of the shoot we went in to warm up and drink some hot chocolate...and shoot a couple more pictures obvs. :]

Sorry about the picture overload, but I seriously was having trouble narrowing them down, and this is as far as I got. Hopefully you enjoy these as much as we did! 


  1. This is so fun! You gals are all so pretty + fun. :)

    1. It was so fun. Can't wait to feature our "vogue shoot" that we do sometime in the future :)

  2. patty!! YOU are so stunning, girl! love these! I totally didn't recognize Ria at first!! wow-love her new style!
    beautiful did awesome on lyndsi's makeup! so fun to see a picture of her. (you're right-she's always behind the camera and not usually in front!)

    1. You're so sweet. :) At least taking fun wintery pictures is one good use for the snow!!