Day After

Hello lovelies! Happy belated love day to each and every one of you!! I feel like there are so many mixed feelings wrapped up in this holiday...some people love love love it, and some people despise it!  Me, I think I'm standing on neutral ground. I don't remember having bad feelings about it (except the one time I thought my supposed sweetheart in high school *coughRODcough* didn't get me anything, only to go to English class and find a big balloon and flowers on my desk :]) as a single person, nor do I think it became a huuuge bigger deal as a dater/married-er. I think it's a fun time of year to spread love to everyone, and if you do have a special someone write them a heart-felt note or exchange a small gift.  If a big Valentines she-bang fills your love cup, hop to it!  As for Beard and I, we don't go to crazy, or buy extravagant things.Today we decided to go on a "day date" and went to eat a late lunch at Chilis (probably our favorite chain restaurant) and a couple other places.  We thought of going to the mall but after we drove around the parking lot we decided it was toooo crowded.  So we came to Victor's cool Starbucks, and here we are, interneting away. Yesterday I wrote him a card because his _______________ didn't (and still hasn't!) come in the mail yet, and I woke up this morning to a very sweet note written by him.  Stuff like that melts me more than an expensive bouquet of flowers or some chocolate. His gift to me is pretty awesome I'd say (besides the well written little love note :]) .  he is going to....

.......... the suspense killing you??

Purchase the pre-made blog template of my choice for me!! :D  I told one of my besties about that and she was like "that's such a cute nerd gift!!" But boooy this nerd's wifey is tickled pink!! I love practical gifts like that!!  the only thing that might have topped it would be a little girl boxer puppy...naah that's another story. ;]

So anyways.  I think I mentioned something before about wanting to make some changes to the home page, I really want this blog to feel like me.  I'm kinda cray cray like that...I will get something in my head and get a little obsessive about it.  Like basically that's mostly what I've been thinking about for the last week or so since I first looked into the idea.  I had been thinking about it for awhile, but I was pretty sure it was about a million dollars to do something like that. I was wrong. :] There are Toooooons of pre-made cool blog templates for sale on etsy...ranging from about $25-35! I'm sure you can get your whole page completely customized for about a million, but I'd say (for me at least) the template will be a good start.  Not too expensive, but it lets me get a little fancier than I am now.  "Oh you fancy huh?!" :]

Ok, here is where YOU come in. If you've read my 'about me', you know where I stand on "describing myself". I feel like to some extent, if you try to live life as transparent as possible, others might be able to describe you better than yourself.  Because you will probably either hype yourself up, or sell yourself short.  I suppose there are those (rude-ys) that will lie about you and make you out to be a bad person, even if you aren't.  And I suppose there are those (praise-ys) who will paint you to be a waaay cooler person than you are.  But there are also those (awesome-ys) who would tell the truth about you and your characters.  They will touch on the areas you excel in and focus on those. They will not say you cannot do things that you can't, neither will they dwell on your weaker points.

  Okaaay...this is getting way deeper than it needs to be.  so back to YOU. I am having a terrible time deciding on a blog template because I'm, well, indecisive in SERIOUS PERMANENT SITUATIONS LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! ha.  No joke, that's how it feels to me.  Imagine me picking a baby name, or new car or something like that?? sheewy. It get's bad. ;] So I thought I would put a couple different ones I like up here...and get some feedback from ya'll! Ultimately I will make the decision (of course) cause it's my blog (duh) but I think it'll fun to see which one ya'll think screams Paaattttttttttttyyyy louder. :)  So feedback please fraans! Thankss! Now go score yourself some half off valentines day candy! XO

lovely #1

lovely #2

lovely #3

lovely #4

lovely #5

lovely #6

lovely #7

lovely #8

Ps. Your welcome for spending 384959393 hours narrowing it down to 8 choices. ;]


  1. because i actually have a minute to leave a comment i shall do so :) i think 1, 4 or 8 screams the YOU i know . . . they all are lovely by the way! and your day today- it sounded as lovely as mine! yay for celebrating life with the ones you love! love ya sister!

    1. Thank you for the input!! I had all but decided on #1 previously but dug alittle deeper and found others - I actually love #4! Xoxo

  2. My favorites are #2, #4, & #5!! I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful...can't wait to see! I had soooo much fun with my blog getting a makeover last makes me want to post alot now. =)