New Look


If you are reading this you have already noticed my blog's "new look".  I have been spending the last hour or so with my fabulously nerdy husband who has been helping me install this new templates and making a few tweaks here and there.

#bestvalentinesgiftever !!!!

Miss Audrey Sue has some really cool pre-made templates if you are looking for a fresh look, check her out!

Also, I learned of this new thing called BlogLovin'. Please don't call me names in your head now, I know I've heard of that before I just never actually looked into what it was. Turns out it seems like it is pure awesomeness! I haven't dug in too deep because I was focused on the blog design, but I feel like I am going to love it!  I always thought it was a little weird that there wasn't a place on Blogger where you could type in common interests and have a list of blogs come up that you might like to follow.  Enter, BlogLovin'. & then Patty...10 years later jumping on the bandwagon. As you can see to my right **picture Vanna White on Jeopardy pointing to the right in a much-too-fancy dress* I have some cool new social media buttons.  Seriously guys, excuse me as I giggle with gee.  Anywho, one of those [the heart I think] will take you to MY BlogLovin' profile.  If you are on there, follow me!

Anyways.  That was the meat of my post.  Secretly I probably just tricked you into stopping by to check me ooooout. Thanks for being a good sport. ;]


  1. Love the new look!!! And great picture!! :)

  2. I LOVE it!! yay for a new look and many new upcoming posts from the lovely Patty!! =)

  3. Love it! It's cleaner and easier to read now and it totally fits your personality:)