It's another episode of What You Been Doing Wednesday!

What have I been doing?
Taking it easy, reading, enjoying a quiet day with (lots of) snow falling outside.  My dad and I shoveled about half the driveway, and boy it was harder than I expected!

What have I been reading?
I just finished Trust or Control, and am almost done with Cold Tangerines. Both good reads, in my opinion. I'm anxious to start the second of this series, but I'm waiting patiently to borrow it from some friends. Throw in a Real Simple (thanks Alicia!) and Country Living (thanks Mom!) here and there, and that's been me! #birthdaymagazinesubscriptions

What's on my mind?
My blog, surprise surprise.  I've been searching different things today about having someone design a home page for me, I'm sure you can spend as much or (hopefully) as little as you want on something like this, but I want to see whats out there.  So hopefully there will be some front street changes for this little space soon(?)!

What's for dinner?
Cheesy broccoli soup. It was that or Chicken Fajitas which I had all but decided on, but Alas...I have no peppers.  sad face.

What's coming up?
Valentines day! That holiday sneaks up on me sometimes.  What to get Beard, what to get Beard....

What am I thankful for?
YOU.  I have received comments, texts, messages, you name it about Golly's post. I'm blessed to have such a number of people who care about me and rejoice when I rejoice and grieve when I grieve.  Thank you very much!! (not lightening the mood, but I said that in my Elvis voice in case you wanted to know)

What am I suppose to be doing?
Starting dinner.  Betta go!

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