in the Zone

Happy Saturday! Guess what.  I'm writing this at 11:58 instead of 12:58. :] We are in Iowa this weekend visiting some of Brad's family (this family to be exact). They have a big farm and graciously opened their house to all of us for Thanksgiving and just a long weekend.  It's been fun!  It's about as cold here as in NY, but no snow.  I'm actually slightly distracted writing this because I looked out the window and saw a teeny tiny brand new calf trying to stand up for the first time on it's wobbly little legs!  He didn't succeed...and I'd hate to miss it when he actually makes it! Anyways, back to the zone.  Apppppppaaaaaaarrrreeennnntttlllyyy everyone finds it ridiculous that this is my first time going to a different time zone. 

woop woop! little baby cow out there made it up on his own four hooves! One small victory is won. :)

So I wouldn't say I'm a sheltered 25 year old.  I just say I did all my traveling on the east coast thus far! I kept talking about "coming west" this weekend, and I guess to "most" (who even wants to be most) people this is more mid-west.  But its pretty west to me! Lots of flat land and farms and gravel roads. But it's pretty cool! We've just ate some good meals, hung out, I think the fellows explored around the farm, and yesterday we went and visited a very fun little coffee shop.  And questioned for the millionth time why there is not a coffee shop (like evening, hang out type) in the Penn Yan area!  

Last night we went out to town for a little so Lyndsi could meet up with someone from Ellerslie.  We drove around to a few places while we were waiting, one of them being Stuff, etc. There is a real place called that! It's kinda like salvation army, meets goodwill, meets playtos closet I think. Unfortunately we only had about 20 minutes there before it closed, so I didn't wanna get to involved.  Buut I think we are actually going to go back today so we could shop a little more and so Lyndsi can see it.  I didn't get real involved last night, but while I was roaming the outskirts of the store I found a BEAUTY of a treasure. I was quite trilled.  
Here he is. :) 
When I bought him he had some floral decor stuff around his neck, but I just snipped that off and returned him to his natural state as a reindeer. :)  I feel like He will probably receive a new coat of paint, and probably some gold glitter somewhere.  I'll have to update his new groove when it happens.  When I brought him home and presented him to Brad, he just wasn't as enamored with him as me, I can't imagine why ;)

And, if you notice all the pizzazz on that picture, the photo editing app 'a beautiful mess' fiiiinally made a version for android! It is just a fun thing that adds text, phrases, borders, etc to pictures, created by these girls . I'm gonna do my best to not overdue it, but beware of my Instagram feed for a bit until the newness wares off. :D 

mmk.  I'm gonna go socialize now, and then head off to Stuff, inc. Maybe find some more treasures to drag home to our new house that is waiting so patiently for us to move in!  I just can't wait. :)

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  1. hey girl!
    awesome to have y'all visit! so glad you were able to come!
    and that we could introduce you to stuff etc...and our coffee place. and yay you for making it to our "mid west" time zone. =)
    lovely memories!