I suppose it's time I come clean about this.  It's been going on for some time, and I think I'm ready for it to be out in the open.  I wasn't even the least bit ashamed when I did it.

I have a secret Pinterest here

There. The secret is out. :]

Here is the whooooole story.  Once upon a time I was getting married in 2012, along with everyone and their grandmother (It's true, my grandmother got married in 2012!). I wanted to keep some of my wedding brainstorming ideas private.  This was before secret boards (I'll try not to think I influenced that idea), and so I created a Pinterest account on gmail account that I had set up for our wedding RSVP's. Then, when invited myself from my original account to join the club. Genius, I know. ;] I even used Husband & I's middle names, hence GraceEric.  I know I could change all that now, but I've just left it.  With the blue egg picture and everything.  I probably had full intentions of switching back to my "regular" pinterest once the wedding planning was over, but by that time I had spend so much time on the "secret" account that I had good material there!

It probably sounds much more dramatic that it is, but sometimes it just tickles me that I went through all that trouble for "original wedding ideas". HA! As if pinterest counts as original ideas, and as if you can do original wedding things in a barn reception.  I'm thinking it's mostly been done by now.  Not taking away from anyone's big and special day (including my own), I'm just arguing that virtually we all do roughly the same things, with a different outcome.

Anyone else done something so scandalous?

Don't be alarmed if there are a number of layout/template changes taking place over here in this little space.  I've had this blog for a few years, but was never a regular updater.  Blogging is something I'd like to get more serious about, and so I'm trying to find MY look.  I decided to order Blog, INC in attempts to learn a few things...and I really am! I can see that it is the type of book that I will refer to as I'm progressing on my blogging journey.

Happy Sunday to you, dear reader.  I hope you enjoy a cozy day in a warm corner snuggled with your honey/cat/book...whatever floats your boat. ;]

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