WYBDW [what you been doin Wednesday]

Yes.  I made up that acronym.  That's not illegal, right?

Helloo! It is a lovely autumn day and I for one am excited to get out there! I am planning on doing some raking at both of our properties (yes that sounds weird) today, but I figured I should write a few lines my seriousness about blogging shines through ;]

Lets talk about raking leaves for a second.  As much as it can be a dreaded chore, it is one that is so fulfilling to me.  I do have a bit of bad luck usually, in the way of raking too soon. Which means either a) more leaves fall or b) the neighbors leaves make their way into my yard.  But every year I feel like this happens...I can only take the leaves crunching under foot for sooo long, I just want to see the green grass again!  Especially knowing that before long, it will be brown! Remind me how enthusiastic I was about this in a couple days when I'm complaining about sore shoulders!

Here is a stack of books that I borrowed from the library.  I was trying to get inspiration from Pinterest for kitchen colors, dining room colors, all of the above.  I hate to say this, but Pinterest kinda failed me!  Maybe I wasn't typing the right key words into the search bar, but the pictures popping up just weren't doing it for me. As much as I love books, I don't know why I don't go to the library more often.  It took me awhile to find the section I was looking for, but obviously I found it!

I was at Walmart on Monday and although we don't necessarily plan to purchase paint from there, I wanted to get some paint cards to have a visual of the colors I was thinking in my mind.  I decided to draw a (not accurate scale) downstairs floor plan of the new house, and tape the paint colors on so I can see it all together.  I think it will be fun to look back in a year or so and see how much I actually stuck to this original plan! I've never done much painting (except things I can take outside and attach with spray paint) so I am a little nervous, and I feel like I could air on the side of caution just so I don't "mess up" with color options. I've decided to make up my mind and be bold with colors, because I think in the long run even if there are some "do-overs" it will result in an awesome outcome! I'd also love to make an idea board, but I will obviously have to purchase some magazines or something that I'm allowed to rip up. :]

Here is my "currently reading".  I'm not usually a read-more-than-one-at-a-time gal, so I mostly feel torn. :] Blog inc has been very eye opening, and I'm glad that I purchased that one because I'm sure it will be one that I will refer to more than once. I have a confession about Pride and Prejudice.  I started reading it thinking it was Jane Eyre (which I'd still like to get my hands on) but after a few chapters I was confused, and then checked the title.  It all made sense then :] I love old looking books, and I don't usually buy them just for the look, I love when they are actually classics worth reading.  Young House Love is a library book, so I had to add that to my currently reading list since it has to be returned.  There are some really fun projects in there, I imagine I will borrow it again when we are further along in the process and could actually tackle some, or need some unique decorating ideas.  I hear that they also have a blog here , so that would be a good outlet for ideas. 

A busy afternoon is on the horizon for me, so I'm going to wrap this up.  I feel like there isn't much much meat to this post, but I guess too much of the main course can make you fat, so a little salad never hurt anyone. ;]

I'll leave you with this cute furface!

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  1. Promise I won't comment on every post from here to timbucktoo, but, here's a tip. When buying paint it is definitely worth your while to go with something more expensive, like a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. Especially if you're doing color. The paint goes on better and the color is more rich, deep and true. I've only painted several houses in my lifetime and that was the research I collected from the 'lab'.