This day is undeniably one of my favorite days of the year.

My Birthday :)

Think what you may, but I just love birthdays.  Even other peoples.  (although I probably love mine a tiny bit more , if I'm honest :]) It's just a fun time to remind people how special they are to you, and bless the year ahead of them!  I also am a big fan of finding THE PRESENT for someone.  Whether its from the shelf of a store, or created with my own hands.  If it screams the birthday boy/girl's name...I just get a warm feeling inside. :)

Anyways, it's been a relaxing day thus far.  We came to Brad's parent's house for brunch (a Sunday tradition that I love) and had a delicious breakfast, topped off with my birthday dessert of choice, a peach crisp. Man I love those things.  Ruth is a beast in the kitchen. :)  I've received phone calls, texts, social media shout-outs. I love ALL OF THEM.  Ya'll make me feel special. I even got a big cheesy grin when I saw at my place at the table the "designated birthday plate".  (yes, i'm turning 26, not 8)

Its quite warm today (for NY in Dec), even though I wouldn't have minded the snowy white landscaping to look at that we had all last week to be here for Christmas. Even with moving I have taken some time to bring a little Christmas cheer which is pretty fun...I will have to snap some pictures for this here blog before it comes down.  We have this h.u.g.e evergreen in the middle of our half circle driveway that Brad thinks we should string lights on and decorate next year.  Could work, if we can rent a lift to the 4/5ths of it. :)

It has now been a week since we've moved in...and I'm not looking back!  There are still boxes floating around here and there, and the walls are bare in anticipation of the painting we plan to do, but it's home.  I just can't wait to see it transform as we finish projects.  Every once in awhile I go out to the garage or barn and "shop" for something new to put in the house, I've found some fun treasures so far. :)

My brother Matthew is here visiting for awhile from NC, he stopped in Friday night for the night and hung out most of Saturday, always great to see that kid. :) He's gonna stop again on his way back down south, I'm looking forward to that.

This is the first year in at least 2-3 years (first year married) that we haven't traveled for Christmas, but it's actually fun to not have that much planned.  We will come to Sam and Ruth's Christmas Eve for fellowship and our family gift exchange, always a good time. :) Christmas day and the week to follow I think there are different family hang out times and locations.  I love this time of year. :)

Hum de dum...this is just such a collection of ramblings. I need to do a meaty post sometime soon! Secretly, I didn't have all that much to say but I wanted to post on my birthday.  Forgive me? ;)

I'll leave you with my birthday selfie. Yes, it is on Instagram and Facebook.  I guess I am just hardcore showing off my beanie that Beard gave me this morning. :)

Happy Sunday ya'll!

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