apologies people!

I guess I should actually say apologies to myself...because that's who I made the promise to that I would blog more often. :/ I'm obviously doing better than a year later...but still. It seems like I get caught up in daily life, and forget to write about it! That or when I DO have a chance at the computer - i end up reading a bunch of other peoples blogs and be like "hey i should do that someday!" I tend to get in that rut sometimes, checking out things I should/could do.  I just have to boost myself out and work on them...and I always feel good after that.  Well Bradley is gone this evening, so I had my dad over for dinner.  That was a nice time with him, I feel like our conversations relationship gets sweeter and sweeter.  Its such a blessing to me.  Then I had a couple of haircuts, and now its only 8 something or other and here I am! D is sleeping at my feet (probably farting...blekk). I must admit my lids are getting alittle heavy, so I might head off to read soon and call it an early night!

The week of Halloween I dressed up in honor of a co-worker. aka the biggest redneck I know. (I guess I don't actually know too many of them, but I feel like even if I did he'd make the list.)

I borrowed clothes from Deb (which the funny thing is, I think  most of them turned out to be her brothers, who also works with me.  So I show up in his clothes and he looks at me and was like "heyyyy") It was pretty fun actually.  The "inspriration behind it all" refused to take a picture with me...but the funny thing is he is tods in the one that I asked Amber to take of my whole sha-bang. :)

That is his normal wear, and we totally matched. :)

OBVIOUSLY Dakarai loves me no matter what i look like ;]

aaand to top it off a girl from work gave me alittle goodie bag (just cuz) and she gave me this wine. Redneck white wine. how perfect. It wasn't too bad...I didn't love love it but I didn't cough and make a face like I do with most kinds. :P

Well I just talked to the Hubber and now I think I am going to head to bed and do some reading...I'm a couple pages away from finishing my book.  The bad part is I swear I read it before, but I'm still like "who the heck killed her?!" And excited about starting a new one, since I got some books in the mail that I had ordered on Barnes and Noble!

yay me!!

rawr. (dinosaur for I love you)


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