The days turned into months...

Welll.  I guess I fell off the I'm-going-to-be-a-regular-blogger wagon as soon as I got on!! seriously folks, all these empty promises are with the best intentions! I guess I just haven't mastered the little Patty world spinning around hilterkilter AND leave space for blogging.  But it's in the haze of my future, I'm quite sure of that. :]

I would apologize [again], but I just won't. It'll save us all an awkward silence.

**cricket cricket**

Now that that's over with, Hello lovelies!

I think I have a serious case of writers block.  I have not been good at journaling for the last few years little bit  and in an attempt to get back into that habit I was using the 3 P's as an outline.  Peak of the day, Pit of the day, and Prayer of the day.  It worked really well, until it didn't.  No explanation, just not enough time set aside.  Which is also probably the case with my blogging.  I seem to have a little snippet of time each week to read other people's interesting blogs.  So here is my attempt to add my own.  I'm not even going to play the game of "in the last 7 months since I wrote I...", I figure the important stuff will come out in the wash one way or another. :]

I will cover this week though. These last couple of days have been rainy/dreary/springy ones.  So much so, that Bradley's softball game was cancelled last night, as well as my own tonight.  I wasn't totallly in tears about it, because secretly I tried to be all dedicated and practice throwing last night, aaand put too much strain on my elbow.  Sooo i don't mind the recovery time! Shear Swagg has had it's usual steady flow of customers this week, and the remainder of the week is filling up quickly.  I am honoring my faithful customers this month with putting their name in a jar when they come for a service, and at the end of the month I will draw two winners!  Without them, I wouldn't get far with the business!  

This weekend is the Haiti Benefit Auction, those are always fun to visit.  Soft pretzels, homemade Doughnuts, other delicious items, as well as multiple auctions with lots of auctioneers to listen to!  Seriously, that will be a future profession for me.  It's a skill I WILL obtain folks!

Another bright spot on the horizon is that this time next week my very own mother will be here visiting me!  I'm looking forward to that.  Mister weather hasn't been super cooperative, but hopefully it will give us nice days while she is here. 

Not a lengthy post, but who decides what is the "right" size anyways?  Its all about content of thoughts, and if they aren't forming, there would just be empty words scattered on the page. so before I trip over a stray word, I'll call it quits. :]

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  1. An auctioneer huh? Do they still do auctions at the Crooker reunion? Maybe you can get your big first break there. :)
    You are a good writer! I hope you can find the time to keep at it!
    Love ya!