Winner Winner!

Phew that was a long 2 days! I was dying to know who would win. :) I guess if I was professional I would have used rafflecopter or whatever that is but I just wrote down all the names and had Beard pick one out of a bowl. Fiesta bowl to be exact, I guess that's a little fancier. :) Do you like how I am rambling on...drawing this the suspense killing you??


Haha...I love that a curly-haired girl won. Think you will "benefit" from this prize girl? ;)

Anyways...thank you all for the kind words on the comments. A few people mentioned tutorials/fashion posts...I guess I will need to get over my fear/dislike of the inadequate pictures I put on here!

I thought to finish out this post I would post a couple of items that, if I were shopping (I'm not, or really really shouldn't be) would probably end up in my cart.

This skirt has been featured on BB a couple of times and I always think it looks lovely. I have a feeling if I would measure it, it probably wouldn't be as long on me as the models, plus maybe pleats wouldn't be great for my shape? But yea. 

This shirt looks so so comfy to me.And I love the semi-muted pattern. 

I don't know if you all are aware of websites like the two above, but you can "subscribe" to them, and they will send you their daily (I think) deals straight to your inbox.  I will warn you, it's a little dangerous. :) Sometimes I get tired of them cluttering up my email, but other times I love looking at what they have to offer. 

I've been eyeing these hats for awhile, my sister-in-law rocks them really well. I love the idea of hats, but I guess sometimes I feel like if I'm home so much I don't end up wearing them much? But anyways, this is fall-ish to me. :)

I love a good beanie. I actually only have one, and it's neff & awesome. I hope to add one (or two) to my closet this year. 

If I wasn't such a tall girl (GIANT, as I've been recently called) and if my husband and I didn't already see eye to eye (hehe) I would totally be a sneaker wedge girl. Not for that price, but a girl can dream. 

I'll end on a scarf. I don't know why, but I think these american flag vintage ones are pretty cool. Not sure if I'd actually wear one, but they are fun to look at. 

That is kind of the story of my life with scarves (some more than others), I always like how they look on other people and even in stores, and have ended up with quuuuite a few of my own. But I find I rarely wear them SO i challenged myself to wear one every day for a week. I'm going to try to wear a different one each day. So far I'm on day 2, and I've actually worn 3 because I had an outfit change yesterday. Wish me luck! 

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  1. Love the idea of a scarf challenge! Are you also wearing them differently too? You should do a blog with photos from that! Would love to see fun ways to wear a scarf this season!!