Playing Dress-Up

So this post is mad late. But still fun cause it actually has pictures!  One Sunday afternoon I invited my sister-in-law Lyndsi over to "play". Basically, I planned to do her hair and make-up just for fun.  After we did that, I told her she should pick me out something to wear to church.  She hunted in my closet, and asked if she could give me a couple of options. Uh, yes of COURSE! Basically, she shopped my very own closet and picked three awesome combinations that I have never worn, all that I would wear! I told her maybe she should come over once a month and do that, so I'd never have to decide for myself. :]

I think these are some of the last photos of my long hair. I guess that's anotherrr thing I never really documented on this blog. Maybe another idea for the "future post" archives. If there is such a thing. 

Outfit #1 Chambray shirt/coral skirt/polka dot sweater/pin-striped shoes. I felt pretty classy in this.

Outfit #2 Pink ruffle shirt/black&white skirt/black tights/black kinda-weird shoes. Also a fun look. 

Outfit #3 Black flowy shirt with bling neck/fur vest/green pants/nude flats. This was my fav, I like how it was subtle but was a little edgey. 

And this was my stylist and photographer (with my not-profesh camera, I'll add) Lyndsi.  I snapped a few of her, and the 'do' I gave her. I love her black dress with leather detail paired with casual shoes.

Soo...watcha think.  More outfit posts in the future?

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  1. This is fun! I love, love, love the fur vest outfit:)