I have such a love/hate relationship with internet.  We'll start with the second. The main thing I hold against it is that we struggle to get it at our new house.  We still have our blasted Verizon WiFi card that somehow sucks GB after GB of our data in a matter of days.  It's something we scratch our head at every month.  The other thing is I have to be purposeful and go to a place that has an internet connection to write a post, and this is usually what happens.

Turn on computer, check Instagram in the mean time. 
Open a Chrome tab, fully intending to go directly to my own blog and start typing. 
Ignore full intentions and read a hundred few other people's posts.
Check Pinterest for whatever ideas have been swirling through my head lately that keep me up for a couple minutes at night before I drift off into dream land.

currently contemplating whether there should be a [somewhat drastic] haircut in my future.

Then I glance in horror at how long I've been wherever I went to write that blog post, with not a word written.  *shutters*

On the flip side, the internet is a beautiful thing.  I mean, Amazon is like one of my top 5 favorite friends. Especially Prime items. Oh, how I love you little green Prime check. :] It puts a new spin on Christmas shopping, vitamin ordering, and "must have" items.  Especially for those of us that live 30+ minutes from a Walmart or mall! There is also endless information on the internet.  I won't tell you the dumb questions I ask Google when I'm cooking. And last but most definitely not least, Pinterest.  Oh how I love thee. In this stage of painting every downstairs room in our new house, I need some reassurance that my color ideas aren't completely bogus.  'Ol Pinty has a way of assuring me that I am not (too) crazy, and sometimes gives me an even better idea.  Yes, I just gave Pinterest a nickname.

SO.  now I should start my post. I had no intentions of writing all that blab above, it just comes up.  Which is actually how most of my posting seems to go. I read some other blogs and admire the "put togetherness" of their posts. The seemingly scholarly words that just seem to flow.  But I imagine some of those posts are written, re-read, edited, maybe even pre-outlined. I may have some of those scattered throughout my blog, but I think my best work is raw and in the moment.  I honestly don't always re-read a whole post before posting. That's kinda how I roll, and then I get frustrated when a couple days later I re-read a post and notice a stupid mis-worded section.  But Idk.  At this point it works.  Maybe once I finish reading that Blog, INC book I mentioned in a previous post I'll wanna scrap everything I've done/written this far and go at it a new way.  It's easy to think that I'm writing this mostly to myself.  I read/follow quiiiiite a lot of bloggers, and I see stacks of comments and followers and such, and I just wonder what is the point of me even trying to join this world or what important things will I be able to add, but I'm pretty sure that's just the evils of comparison talking.  Between that and not being able to sit down and write at my own house, I just let the days pass without a word from the downsouth yankee.  I'm so thankful for an old friend who spoke up on Facebook and let me know that she missed me! - well, my blog.  Not gonna lie, insert heart leap over that wall post. [ Thanks Kim!]

There has been lots of goings on over at 3040 Rt 14-A, the biggest accomplishment is that we got my dad all moved in!  He's been there a little over a week, and loving it which is such a blessing! He's gotten used to his morning routine in a new location, cleans up (pretty sure my kitchen sink has never been cleaner, or emptier), and even had quite a few haircuts already in his first week in the new place.  He's getting used to his new cellphone and flat screen TV. His house is by no means emptied out, and will need to be cleaned and some rooms painted before he thinks about renting it, but luckily we will have time to do that in the future.  And not in single digit temperatures. :) What a cold winter this has been! I'm thankful for my warm house that seems to hold up pretty well, and the man/women that had the bright idea of planting pine trees all along the back years ago to block the wind from the field! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! 

The other thing that has been keeping me busy is painting! It's amazing how much it is transforming rooms! I walked around this morning and snapped some pictures, only to leave my camera at home.  Secretly, it was probably a good thing, because there wasn't good lighting for my pictures, and I was rushed.  SO, this afternoon since the camera doesn't need wifi, I should get some better pictures for the next post.  At this point I will never be famous for my before & after pictures, or any pictures at all, but at least I am documenting moments! We've got 3 rooms down, and I have high expectations to get at least one more done this week.  AND. wait, this should have it's own paragraph.

AND. Brad built the frame for my shampoo bowl this weekend!!!!! This will be such a game changer for me - and my faithful hair color clients! He has to hook up the pump and the plumbing (he said that shouldn't be hard) and I think he wants to put plywood around the frame so it's closed in.  We ordered a reclining barber chair for me to use for it, and I thiiink that arrives Thursday.  I just can't can't can't wait.  I have quite a number of people waiting patiently for this project to be done, so I'll probably be a busy girl next week behind the chair - I'm excited! :) 

Do you ever go to sleep at night with expectations of how the next day will look? I end up doing that sometimes, but I'm not sure if it often plays out the way I think. I've been struggling to get  through this was one I picked up somewhere at some point.  I don't usually give up on books half way through, so I'm pressing on.  It has interesting spells, but I'm not a huge history buff so some of it flies over my head.  So I thought today would be a good day to try to plow through that one, and be able to dedicate more time to the other two I'm reading also :) [boom and boom] There is a Young Adult trilogy that I've been recommended twice, so I'd like to get my hands on the first one and work on that.  But I'll wait until I finish the current one. My day will probably be more like this :  do laundry, write blog post, do some haircuts, measure square footage for a couple rooms (new hobby maybe?), work on dinner. With a few scraps of times for reading.  Luckily, all of those activities are indoors, so I don't have to brave the window (brave the window?? lol try wind!) and low temperatures too much. Well you asked for it, my ramblings for the day.  Stay warm!

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  1. love the post, Patty! Thanks for sharing.
    And I can't wait to see pictures of your new place!! Woohoo! I'm sure all that painting is SOO pretty!