A Couple Things

Hey readers heeeey!

Let's start off with a funny story.  Noone objects to those right? *scans the room for a raised hand..* Ok good.

Yesterday morning I had a little down time and I thought it'd be a good chance to blog. I opened my laptop aaaaand. the interenet wasn't connected.  It generally works really well, but when it doesn't I'm up the creek without a paddle unless Brad is home, cause he always fixes it. So I texted him and then painted my nails while waiting for a response. He gave me a couple options to try, so I tried those but still no luck. I texted him again, and finished my nails while waiting.

*SIDE RANT* Do you know what I do not love?? bad/yucky/crappy/faulty top coat. It's such a waste of time!! I took the time to paint my nails without smudging...who knows how long THAT takes, and when I go to put the top coat on it doesn't glide on smooth, instead I have to keep re-dipping to have enough which makes it weird, aaand it started to smear around my black, which i KNOW should have been dry enough! Urgh. Needless to say THAT polish is getting thrown away, and sooner than later I'll get a top coat worth my time! I know some people skip base/top coat (I skip base fairly regularly, buuut I think one thing that helps is for your color not to stain your nails, fyi...) but the top coat really does just kinda seal the deal and make them look shiney, IF it's doing its job.

Anyways. I obviously needed to get that off my chest. :)

So I was trying all of what he said, and he was trying to fix it remotely (he can forreal do that sometimes!) and my Dad came in from mowing the lawn and was like "I'm in big trouble!" I asked him what was wrong, and he said "I mowed over that cable outside and sliced part of it!" oopsie. No wonder I wasn't getting a signal, that was our internet cable. :) We have learned that Dad is a very ambitious mow-er, We have an in-ground dog fence that is just laid back in the pine trees that boarder two sides of our property, and he + his mower found that one day too, Brad was like "wow he really gets in there!" All is forgiven, but it's something I chuckle about. Nothing is safe in the great out doors when Carl is on his machine..dun dun dduuuuunnnn!

The last couple weeks have passed with me spending a lot of time with a paint brush in my hand, not that I mind that terribly, it's just time consuming.  Sorry I haven't posted 2-3 outfit posts a week like normal (laugh with me, ha ha ...) but when I'm painting I basically wear the same clothes. Every day. Don't judge, I hate it. BUT I get paint everywhere (hair included) on myself. I told someone my Indian name would be she-who-gets-paint-everywhere, shewho for short.

I really don't mind painting (except ceilings, I strong dislike ceilings) once I have everything that I need out and ready. I don't love wiping everything down, or having to paint around things. Basically I'm maybe a high maintence painter.  My dad's kitchen was my first project.
It's a pretty small kitchen, I'm standing in the doorway, there is the sink and cupboards to my left, and the wall on the right just so didn't make it in the picture. SO, I was painting around all those appliances. That's probably why I painted myself so much, I had no room to breath!

I snuck in a little painting at home - I bought a couple dressers on craig's list for our bedroom that I'm re-doing. (that will probably have it's own post) I also had been meaning to go to the Sherwin Williams store to get a swatch to have Ben Moore match (that store is much closer for me) and so I swung in there when I was in Geneva last week. Weirdly, the guy said that they didn't have the color I was after, but they could match it. I'm pretty confused by that because the girl I asked had given me the color and company. ANYWAYS, my timing was pretty good accidentally because this weekend Friday-Monday, SW is having a 40% off sale! I hear their paint is pretty top of the line, so I decided to just let them match my color and buy it from there. I was second-guessing my square footage calculations, so I was a little confused how much paint I would need. He told me a trick, you can buy gallons of un-tinted paint (like plain white) when they are having the sale, and either return them if you don't end up needing them, or bring them back in and have them tinted for free! SO I got 2 gallons tinted in my future bedroom color, and one gallon un-tinted. I doubt I'll just return it, but if I don't need it for the bedroom, I could have it tinted for another project. When he told me that, I said "Ok I'll have 27 gallons please" lol. It seriously was a good sale, I think they were about $23 a gallon or so?

So basically I can't wait to start painting my bedroom, I even have a helper lined up because I helped her paint her fence one day :).

But first....I have to do my dad's dining room next. Today Brad & I will go over there to take EVERYTHING OUT because I was not having a kitchen repeat, and I'll probably wipe down the walls. One thing I am not looking forward to, is that his dining room ceiling has trim all over it, that creates squares. Kinda like how you can see in the kitchen picture, but more. urgh.

Ok, enough about painting for now.

Last night Lyndsi + I put on our third ever Clothing Exchange. The concept is that we alert a bunch of girls that we are planning one, they got through their closets, and give us the clothes/shoes/purses/accessories they are willing to part with (not junky stuff, more stuff that you never wear, but hate to just donate, but feel better about knowing your friends might take it and wear it :]) a couple days before the actual event. Then Lyndsi and I sort it by type and size (like tanks, short sleeves, sweaters, dresses, jeans, etc) and make it easier to hunt through. Theeeen, the ladies come the evening of the event, bring a yummy snack, and get ready to re-vamp their closet, for freeee! I have a few pictures, mostly from the last time we did this. Secretly it looked a little more fancy that time anyways. ;)

We make little dressing rooms, and try to have as many mirrors down there as possible so people can check themselves out. :) Usually people are bustling around at the beginning and on the hunt, but towards the end people are chillin, talking, and just browsing a little more. Lets just be honest, when there are this many clothes laying around, whether you thiiink you are done, it's hard not to just keep skimming. This time when things had died down we decided to kinda do "show and tell" , and have people show what they picked. I thought that was pretty fun, because some things screamed that person's name, and other things were a little more branching out, but you feel more free to do that when there isn't a price tag! Lyndsi and I agreed that this girl's finds were SO her. & definitely said "Classy Chic", which she totally is. :) I also make it my mission to force things on people that I think would look awesome. Some people believe me, some people don't. You all can thank me later. ;) 

And now you are caught up! I'm looking forward to this evening, there is a Campfire #3 planned. These always including volleyball + ultimate frisbee, some yummy food, and good fellowship. Sign me up! (ooops, speaking of that, I better go RSVP!)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention something else! This is post #47 for me, & I had decided a while back that I was going to do a little give away on post #50. So it is approaching rapidly (or less rapidly, if I continue at the rate I've been going!) , stay tuned for that! :)


  1. The clothing exchange was fun again, and literally, that girl's clothes were so her, cause maybe they were so her's!!! :D Thanks for the great time!

  2. Another blog...FINALLY! :) You and Lynds put on one marvelous exchange, sweet pea. Thanks again!

    PS. LOL to Joleen's comment.

  3. Thanks for the mention. I'm flattered :) You girls put on the best clothing exchanges ever.

    But I did just die laughing a Joleen's comment.

  4. i love love LOVE this idea. totally thinking about trying this out here in my little iowa community. =)